IDTEC's new fully equipped Oilfield facility can cater for all types oilfield repair needs. Built on 100,000 square metres, the facility is located close to the oilfields to ensure quick turn round time on equipment repairs. The IDTEC plant has the following facilities:

Mechanical Shop:

Blasting machine; cleaning machine; 2500 psi hydraulic power pack; breakout and torque unit; 200-ton hydraulic press; 25,000 psi hydro test machine; various capacity lifting machines forklifts and cranes; high pressure washing machine

Steel Fabrication and Rig Up Yard:

For fabrication of mud tanks system, drilling mast, substructure, steel structures and pipe components


Steel Fabrication Shop Machineries

Engine Shop:

Assembly and repair works with 20-ton overhead crane plus load bank and workbench

Electrical Shop:

Assembly and repair works with 10-ton overhead crane plus workbench

Machine Shop:

Various lathe machines, milling machine, radial arm drill, union boring and milling machine, metal spray machine



Sandblasting; separate roofed workshop with 20-ton trolley systems; various coating components with all current painting systems

Quality Control Shop:

Positive Material Identification machine, harness test machine and documentation archive

Rigging Shop:

Wire slings and other accessories available to lift up to 50 tons

Hydro Test Shop:

Hydro test unit, maximum test pressure 25,000 psi in a fully covered shop

Hydro Washing:

High pressure pre-washing units

Open Yard Space:

The open spaces are available for three drilling rigs that can be raised on separate pads



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Bentec is one of the leading manufacturers of drilling rigs and oilfield equipment worldwide. With over 125 years of history and experience, they maintain the highest quality standards. 



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