Drilling information system for all relevant drilling parameters with intuitive operation interface.

Unique Features

  • Available for onshore and offshore drilling rigs
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Real-time PC based drilling information system (SCADA)
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Real-time and historical drilling data recording
  • PLC based drilling instrumentation system (DAQ)
  • All settings such as alarm points, scaling, zoom etc. can be performed without the use of a keyboard
  • Different screen layouts provide information needed for the current operation
  • The user language can be changed at any time during operation

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The Bentec infoDRILL provides a state-of-the-art-drilling information system on a very competitive price level. infoDRILL has a simple and intuitive user interface which comes with drilling data indication and hard disk recording. All drilling instrumentation data can be accessed by the driller in the drillers control room or by other rig personnel via remote client access. All settings like alarm points, scaling, zoom etc. can be performed without use of a keyboard. Different screen layouts for drilling, tripping etc. provide only the information needed for the current operation. Languages and measurement units are adjustable at any time.

The basic configuration comes with two 19" LCD-monitors, which are placed in the driller's control room or the driller's place on the rig floor. Between the data collection PC inside the system cubicle and the two LCD-monitors in the drillers control room or the driller's place, there is only one single cable each to be run to the control cubicle. This leads to short rig move durations for land drilling rigs.

infoDRILL replaces the "old school" mechanical drilling recorder. Whenever needed, a manually generated report, which shows all relevant drilling data, can be printed. The report design is based on the mechanical recorder style. Every print-out could be done based on time with up to 10 channels at time on paper or electronically stored file on the hard disk drive in pdf-format. infoDRILL opens the horizon to the service personnel, when it comes to troubleshooting in case of a failure.

Bentec combined all of its experience from more than 10 years of developing and enhancing drilling information systems to offer the highly reliable and user friendly infoDRILL system.

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