Service Loops

Retrofitting of top drive service loops that withstand extreme operation and harsh conditions.

Available Power Ranges

  • 469 hp / 350 kW
  • 1006 hp / 750 kW
  • 1 341 hp / 1 000 kW
  • 2 012 hp / 1 500 kW
  • 2 682 hp / 2 000 kW

Unique Features

  • Suitable for most commercially available top drive brands
  • High traction and torsion force resistance
  • Smallest possible bending radius
  • Made-to-measure insulation material
  • Climate range -45°C to +55°C, also when in motion
  • Suitable for arctic and desert environment
  • Suitable for onshore and offshore rigs
  • Suitable for all common AC and DC top drives
  • UL, VDE, IEC certified cables
  • Customized power range and design
  • Field approved equipment

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Bentec Service Loops provide a highly reliable power and control supply solution for all common top drives and are interchangeable with the OEM service loops. By casting the power plugs and the end of the outer tubes, Bentec Service Loop S are able to withstand harsh environments and highest mechanical tractive forces.

A special coating material provides high impact strength, oil and chemical resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and low flammability. The special wire insulation of the power cables also comes with extremely high elongation characteristics. Bentec Service Loops are equipped with EX-Zone plugs at top drive end that meets all common EX-Zone requirements for use on drilling rigs.

Bentec Service Loops are ideal for use with most commercially available top drives in all power ranges up to 2 682 hp / 2 000 kW. Bentec has more than 40 years of experience when it comes to cabling drilling rigs and drilling equipment.

Technical Data

Compatible with:

TESCO 500 ESI 1 350 500/650 ECI 900 500/650 ECI 1350 350 EXI 600    
AkerSolutions pTD-500-AC DDM 650 AC DDM 750 AC-2M MDDM 1 000 AC    
CANRIG 1 035 AC 1 250 AC 1 275 AC 6 027 AC    
LeTourneau DDTD-500 DDTD-750        

Additional brands available on request

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Bentec is one of the leading manufacturers of drilling rigs and oilfield equipment worldwide. With over 125 years of history and experience, they maintain the highest quality standards. 



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