Mechanized Catwalk System

Reduce manual pipe handling.

Unique Features

  • Increased safety for the drilling crew
  • Easy remote operation – directly from the drill floor
  • Low noise emission
  • Easy installation
  • Easy transport


The Bentec Mechanized Catwalk System (MCS) simplifies and speeds up pipe handling from the pipe rack to the drill floor. By lifting the pipes to the drill floor, they can be directly picked up by an elevator, sparing the need for time-consuming interim storage in the mouse hole.

Personnel on the drill floor operate the Bentec Mechanized Catwalk System by remote control panel, eliminating any risk to their safety.
Moving and transporting the Bentec Mechanized Catwalk System is easy – by just splitting the system into one main and two elevator units.

Electronic controls are installed in one container or alternatively incorporated into the existing power control room. Bentec's all-encompassing service includes training operating crews on commission.

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Technical Data


  Operation: Transport:
Length: 64.61 ft (19 700 mm) 54.8 ft (16 700 mm)
Width: 18.1 ft (5 550 mm) 9.8 ft (3 000 mm)
Height: 11.3 ft (3 450 mm) 9.8 ft (3 000 mm)
Weight: Tube sized:
Total: 83 776 lbs (38 000 kg) Diameter: 2 7/8”–20” (73 mm–508 mm)
Main units: 61 729 lbs (28 000 kg) Length: 20´ to 48´ (6.1 m–14.6 m)
Elevator units: 22 046 lbs (10 000 kg) Max. weight: 7 716 lbs (3 500 kg)

Power Supply 

Electrical: 400/690 V – 50 Hz or 460/600 V – 60 Hz


max. 110 kW

Air: 100 PSI (7 bar), approx. 132 GPM


(500 l/min)


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